Spirit Day 2011

I support Spirit Day and if I owned purple, I would wear it. (I need to invest in this color.) Instead, I deck out my social profiles in purple and I post about Spirit Day.

Today, October 20, 2011, is Spirit Day. What is this day, you ask? It is the day sponsored by GLAAD where people intentionally wear purple to show support for LGBTQ teenagers who are victims of bullying. It started just last year, but it has caught on quickly with over 1.6 million Facebookers "signing up" for the event.

I don't do this because I think people should be gay. I don't do this because I want gay marriage. I don't do this because I want gay people to walk around swapping spit with one another in public. (I also don't necessarily think that all of those things are wrong...but I'm not getting into that here.) I do this because I believe in Jesus, and I believe that Jesus loved everyone. I believe we're called to love everyone.

I'm not asking you to change any of your social profiles, nor am I asking you to wear purple or to even acknowledge that today is Spirit Day. I'm only asking you to examine yourself and ask yourself about the way you love (or don't love) people.

This is one way I choose to be a pinprick of light in the darkness that is this world. 

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