The Skin Map Review

Kit Livingstone is an ordinary Londoner who lives a somewhat boring life until he meets his great grandfather in a strange alley. Suddenly, he meets Cosimo, his great grandfather who is somehow still alive. Using ley lines, the two of them travel through space, time and universes. Unfortunately, Cosimo has made some enemies in his world-jumping. Fortunately for the reader, it makes the story more interesting. The “good” group of time-traveling world-jumpers are called Questors and one of them tattooed a map of these ley lines on his body—hence the book title, The Skin Map. (Yes, the map was…removed after his death.)

Oh, and Kit has a girlfriend, too, who tried to follow him and Cosmo. Wilhelmina (what an unfortunate name…) ends up in Austria in the 17th Century. Her story is mixed in periodically.

I was really looking forward to reading some Lawhead (this was my first book by him), so maybe my hopes were set too high. While the book was okay and enjoyable, it was not spectacular. I have been spoiled in my fiction reading, so I’m sure others will pick this up and love it. Unforunately, for me, this isn’t a book that I’ll be buzzing about nor is it a book I will constantly recommend to people.

Also, this book is also the first of a series, The Bright Empires series; perhaps further books will spice up this story, but unless I stumble upon a free copy, I won’t be buying them.

This book was provided for free from BookSneeze (like a year ago), a branch of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was asked to honestly review it, and a positive review was not required.

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Toni V.S. said...

Stephen's Mother and I were sorority sisters in Beta Sigma Phi. She would mention him from time to time at meetings but haven't heard anything about him in some time now. Glad to see he's still going strong in fantasy.

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