Warroad: Seven years, one mission.

This year's group to Warroad.
Last Friday, I returned from a week in Warroad, MN. I have gone to Warroad during the first week in August for seven years now, and each year has provided different insights and memories. This year was different, though. Before we went, I was informed that this was our last year as a group.

Before we went and during the trip, I kept praying and hoping that I would become at peace with the decision. I asked God for peace at the fact that the youth group I grew up in would not be returning to Warroad for another 
mission trip. I believe God has granted 
me that peace--but I do not believe that
my work in Warroad is complete. 

I also have been praying for God’s guidance in further trips/visits (or lack thereof) to Warroad. At this point, I believe the answer is “wait and see” but I have no doubt that there are great things working through every person associated with this mission.

There are so many memories to go with the seven years we’ve had...from Wynter jumping out of Gil’s truck screaming “DAVEY!” the first day of our first trip to me sobbing from Warroad to Baudette. All the fun memories--throwing people in the pool, sitting around the campfire, and, most recently, shaving cream and spoons--will never be forgotten. Neither will the serious memories of devotions, the Gospel in the stars, late night tent talks, and Bible studies with Andy.

It is difficult to write about seven years in just a few hundred words--I’m not sure I will ever be able to put it into words. I just have to say that I am so thankful for Davey, Kris, Ashton, Barb, Martha, Carol, Lawrence, Kathy, Kristi, and so many others from Warroad...as well as Gil (who started it all), Margaret, Kenny, Dawn, Craig, Carol, Paul, Ray and Eleanor. Most of all, I thank God for every child we have ever come into contact with and every adult who’s life we have made easier because of God’s work through us.

I cannot imagine my life without Warroad and I cannot imagine never returning. I hope that there are other youth who have been up there who feel like Warroad has made an impact on their life, because I can guarantee that they’ve made an impact on Warroad.

I wrote a song pertaining to this--check it out. If you ever want to know more about my trips to Warroad, I'd love to answer any questions you have by email. 

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