Calling all audiophiles music!

Everyone likes free stuff, right? Well, if you sign up for grouptune, you can get free music! Also, if you sign up, I get more points and I can win free things, too! I promise this isn't all about the points; it's about getting you free music and getting grouptune some publicity!
So what is grouptune? It's a new daily deal site (like Groupon) for Christian music. The site officially launches on May 17th (in three days) so be sure to get signed up now so you can receive the first round of deals! If you do sign up for this site, please either leave a comment here with your name and email address or email me your name and email address so I can get credit for referring you.

I am part of the Team BuzzPlant Groutune Campaign.

Posted by Jane | at 5/14/2011 04:37:00 PM


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