The Priest's Graveyard Review

Is it Ted's best? I'm not sure. Is it brilliant? Yes, as always.

Less than nine hours after I first cracked the cover of The Priest's Graveyard, I am staring at the closed book, weeping like a child and trying to find words to write a review.

This is the story of Renee Gilmore, a recovering heroin addict, and Danny Hansen, a priest who has escaped a personal hell in Bosnia. This is a story of ultimate judgment and what is drawn from it. This is a story of love and mercy.

Renee is swept off her feet by Lamont Myers, a wealthy businessman with a severe case of OCD who lives in a glass prison. One day, their life of cleanliness and perfection is interrupted when Lamont does not return home. Left without a law to live by and driven by fear, Renee escapes the prison and eventually her path crosses again with that of Danny. Together, they set out to judge and in the end they, themselves will be judged.

Renee means “reborn” and with her rebirth, a birth of a new meaning of love crashes into the reader. From heroin addict to wife to judge, Renee's story will keep you gripping your seat, crying your eyes out, and being on the verge of a panic attack. Again, Ted captivates with powerful characters in an unpredictable plot—this time even more captivating and unpredictable than before.

This novel begs the ultimate question: what is love? In typical Dekker fashion, he asks difficult questions and leaves the reader to draw his own answer.

Are you ever tempted to think you're better than they are? Are you ever tempted to judge?

Judge not lest you also be judged.

Posted by Jane | at 4/21/2011 10:54:00 PM


Kate said...

I do think this book makes for great moral questions and would make a great book club selection, discussing the Lamont, Danny and Renee's actions, the over all vigilante type crime... This may have been my first Dekker novel, but I'm convinced it won't be my last! :)

sjr2010 said...

If you enjoy thrillers, I'd recommend Thr3e or Boneman's Daughter next. If you like fantasy, you should totally start his Circle series. (Black, Red, White.) Thanks for the comment!

Molly said...

Fantastic review! Thanks for stopping by my review, as well. I am so glad to consider myself amongst the Dekkies! I will not hold his book Green against him ;-)

~Molly from Reviews by Molly~

Cat said...

Great review! I agree with Kate...this would be an excellent Book club book and I may suggested to our campus book club. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it because the Circle Trilogy is such a powerful series but it was definitely great.

sjr2010 said...

Thank you for your kind comments. I appreciate them. I also agree that it would make an excellent book for a book club, as would The Circle Series.

Hannah C. said...

Nice review. Very good synopsis without spoilers. :)

As to your question, I have never met a person who does not judge. It is part of our human nature to discern and analyze, but under the fallen world we feel it is our right to judge others. Hm... the topic's very intriguing. Actually, we were talking about it in Behavioral Science today. Sounds like a very profound book.

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