A note about The Priest's Graveyard

I've mentioned this book before and I'll blog about it again, but I think it's worth the hype. Reviews everywhere are raving about this fast-paced thriller by New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker due on shelves April 19th. While I have not yet read The Priest's Graveyard, I hear it is Ted's best yet. Dekker's Share the Love event has caused sales of this book to skyrocket, so I expect to see Ted popping up in more and more places.
I am not personally giving away a copy of this book [yet] but if you want to score a copy, check out Josh Old's blog, The Christian Critic. I'm sure he'll be pleased you stopped by, and you have the chance to win one of three copies he is giving away. You can also purchase a copy of the novel from Amazon for a whole lot less than most hardcovers sell for, and even less than I paid (and I bought eight copies.)

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