Family Movie Night: Truth Be Told

Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) is a marriage counselor who has never been married.
Mark Crane (David James Elliott) is an ex-football player who works with kids at a local gym.

Annie and Mark see each other for the first time since college when they unexpectedly meet at a fundraiser at a museum. Mark is looking for funding for his organization and Annie was drug there by a friend. Mark pitches his organization to "Bish," (Ronny Cox) a rich businessman, and Annie ends up giving Bish marriage advice.

Annie and Mark end up talking and then posing for a picture together with Mark's two kids from his recently deceased wife. Bish invites Annie and her "family" to his ranch for a weekend to discuss a radio show gig that Bish offered her. A few lies later and the couple and Mark's kids are at the ranch and in the middle of some deep lies.

Will the truth be told or will they continue to live a lie?

       Join me--and millions of others--this Saturday, April 16th at 8/7c on FOX to watch this beautiful story of how a lie brings together two old college friends.
       Truth Be Told, the fifth installment of "Family Movie Night," an event sponsored by Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble designed to bring families together for a night of entertainment. During this programming, you can be assured that what is played on screen will be completely family appropriate--no diving for the remote to change the channel during inappropriate ads or scenes.
       After watching the "Producer's Cut," I can say that this is definitely a family-friendly movie. The movie was obviously produced on a small budget, and there are some poorly acted scenes, but it's still a good movie to watch with the family and it is worth checking out.

You can enter to win prizes just from watching the trailer! Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page. You can also watch exclusive Meet the Stars videos from Cameron Bure, David James Elliott, and Ronny Cox.

I was allowed the pre-screening of this movie through Team BuzzPlan in exchange for my completely honest review.

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