Calling all audiophiles...CD Giveaway!

I have good news and bad news. Bad news: I'm in the final stretch of my freshman year of college, so I don't have much time to read and review anything. However, the good news is that I have eight brand new CDs sitting on my desk to give away!

This is only my second actual giveaway and both of them have been in the last week. I apologize for the lack of content recently, but even though I haven't been posting, I've gotten more page views than ever before! How exciting. 

Okay, down to the giveaway. First I'll list the CDs, then I'll list how you can win one or more of them!

  • Relient K - "The 1st Three Gears" (This is a 3 CD set that contains "Relient K," "the anatomy of the tongue in cheek" and "two lefts don't make a right...but three do.")
  • Amy Grant - "Somewhere Down the Road"
  • Jeremy Camp - "We Cry Out"
  • Superchick - "Reinvention"
  • Sanctus Real - "Pieces of a Real Heart"
  • Newsboys - "Born Again"
  • Decemberadio - "Satisfied"
  • TobyMac - "Tonight"

Steps to win: 
  1. Post a comment here telling me which CD[s] you want and why.
  2. Tweet or Facebook about this post.

This contest is limited to the continental United States and ends Saturday, May 14th at 11:59pm Central Time. In the case that more than one person requests a CD, a random winner will be drawn. Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the contest.

Posted by Jane | at 4/28/2011 04:28:00 PM


Smoore said...

Relient K. I love their music, particularly their older CDs. Some of my favorite songs from my early teen years were from those albums, which were so lighthearted and entertaining.

Arkatox said...

My brother already owns Born Again, so I'd wish I could request everything but that, but I don't know if that's allowed. :)

The bands otherwise that I know about most are tobyMac and Reliant K. So I guess I'll request them. But if they both get chosen, choose something else for me. I just want to get SOMETHING, even I guess if it means getting Born Again again (no pun intended), lol.

So yeah, I posted this contest on my wall (I found it from someone else's wall), and I'm also going to post it on the wall of a very active Christian writing group on Facebook, so that will probably get some more people over here. :)

Arkatox said...

You know what's amusing? I posted this on Facebook twice, and both times I accidentally referred to you as a "guy", even though I knew you were a girl. Lol. Oooooops. . . .

But yeah, I corrected myself, of course.

sjr2010 said...

Thanks to both of you for the reposts.

The Saintly Sinner said...

I already have the TobtMac and Newsboys CDs mentioned, so I'll say Relient K...
(Shared on Twitter and Facebook)

The Peacemaker said...

That you are and that you did, Arkatox.

I couldn't decide between these two so yeah... hehe
Jeremy Camp - He has great music and I love his voice, but for some reason I only have 2 of his songs. Sad, huh?
Superchick - "Reinvention" A couple of their songs got me through some tough times and spoke to me, but I don't have them anymore (or any of theirs.

Not asking for both; just couldn't decide, and my brain is fried from work. Really, I love pretty much all Christian music, so I'm with Arkatox, anything is cool :) (And I also have access to, but do not own, Born Again. Go figure.)

Thanks for sharing this, Arkatox.

Arkatox said...

[voice=Yoda]Welcome, you are.[/voice]

ajbrennan said...

I'd like the Jeremy camp CD because I don't have any worship CDs, and I think one would be good. Plus, I already like Jeremy Camp. Also, Relient K, because my sister really likes them and I need a gift for her. :)Thanks for doing this.
Oh, and I shared on Facebook.

ajbrennan said...

Actually, scratch Relient K off my list. A lot of people have requested it, so you should give it to them. How 'bout, Decemberadio instead?

Kat said...

So, I posted a comment yesterday, but I guess it never showed, bummer :(
Decemberadio!! I love them! I don't know many people who even know who they are, but I absolutely love them!
Also, Relient K, Sanctus Real, Superchic[k], tobyMac, or maybe newsboys.

Danae said...

um the tobyMac cd or the Newsboys CD why? idk i guess i just want it lol

White Rook said...

Newsboys-Born Again

I've always been a huge Newsboys fan. I grew up with them. I have to admit, I was disappointed when I heard Furler was leaving. It's hard to call a band by the same name when all the founding members are gone. I kind of gave up on them after that. Although I haven't really listened to any of their new songs, I would like to add this album to my collection. Now of course I could buy it myself, but to be honest with you, I'm a cheapskate.

sjr2010 said...

Winners are posted:

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