And then she greeted the book as an old friend...

...and went with him gladly, and, equals, they momentarily departed this life. [Edited from The Tale of the Three Brothers by J.K. Rowling]

Today, I greeted an old friend as if we had never went our separate ways eight months ago; I started reading again. I had not read for pleasure since last August and I have been slowly acquiring more and more books that I must read and so today I decided to pick up The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead and just start reading. One hundred and forty nine pages later and I feel fantastic! I'm not sure how I ever let school take over my life so much that I had not made time to read. With that being said, I am making it my goal to read for pleasure every day--no matter how little or much.

After The Skin Map, I desperately need to finish Tosca Lee's Havah, Drew Brees' Coming Back Stronger, and a book recently given to me by a friend,
So Much More by Anna Sofia Botkin and
Elizabeth Botkin.

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