Calling all audiophiles...CD Giveaway!

I have good news and bad news. Bad news: I'm in the final stretch of my freshman year of college, so I don't have much time to read and review anything. However, the good news is that I have eight brand new CDs sitting on my desk to give away!

This is only my second actual giveaway and both of them have been in the last week. I apologize for the lack of content recently, but even though I haven't been posting, I've gotten more page views than ever before! How exciting. 

Okay, down to the giveaway. First I'll list the CDs, then I'll list how you can win one or more of them!

  • Relient K - "The 1st Three Gears" (This is a 3 CD set that contains "Relient K," "the anatomy of the tongue in cheek" and "two lefts don't make a right...but three do.")
  • Amy Grant - "Somewhere Down the Road"
  • Jeremy Camp - "We Cry Out"
  • Superchick - "Reinvention"
  • Sanctus Real - "Pieces of a Real Heart"
  • Newsboys - "Born Again"
  • Decemberadio - "Satisfied"
  • TobyMac - "Tonight"

Steps to win: 
  1. Post a comment here telling me which CD[s] you want and why.
  2. Tweet or Facebook about this post.

This contest is limited to the continental United States and ends Saturday, May 14th at 11:59pm Central Time. In the case that more than one person requests a CD, a random winner will be drawn. Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the contest.

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The Priest's Graveyard GIVEAWAY

Since I have a few extra copies of The Priest's Graveyard by Ted Dekker because I had to buy them to attend The Gathering this year, I am hosting a giveaway contest. In two [or more] easy steps, you can enter to win a random drawing. Each point will earn your name once in the drawing. In addition, any single person who goes above and beyond what is asked will receive a copy as well.

Step 1: Tweet my review of The Priest's Graveyard (be sure to tag @living_aLOUD or it will not count). Each @ mention or RT will earn one point.

[For extra points, subscribe to my posts or follow my blog.]

Step 2: Post a comment on my review of The Priest's Graveyard telling me if you are ever tempted to think you're better than everyone else or if you are ever tempted to judge. Also, let me know of any extra steps you have taken. 

This contest is limited to the continental United States and ends Saturday, April 30th at 11:59pm Central Time. Winners will be announced within 48 hours of the end of the contest.

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The Priest's Graveyard Review

Is it Ted's best? I'm not sure. Is it brilliant? Yes, as always.

Less than nine hours after I first cracked the cover of The Priest's Graveyard, I am staring at the closed book, weeping like a child and trying to find words to write a review.

This is the story of Renee Gilmore, a recovering heroin addict, and Danny Hansen, a priest who has escaped a personal hell in Bosnia. This is a story of ultimate judgment and what is drawn from it. This is a story of love and mercy.

Renee is swept off her feet by Lamont Myers, a wealthy businessman with a severe case of OCD who lives in a glass prison. One day, their life of cleanliness and perfection is interrupted when Lamont does not return home. Left without a law to live by and driven by fear, Renee escapes the prison and eventually her path crosses again with that of Danny. Together, they set out to judge and in the end they, themselves will be judged.

Renee means “reborn” and with her rebirth, a birth of a new meaning of love crashes into the reader. From heroin addict to wife to judge, Renee's story will keep you gripping your seat, crying your eyes out, and being on the verge of a panic attack. Again, Ted captivates with powerful characters in an unpredictable plot—this time even more captivating and unpredictable than before.

This novel begs the ultimate question: what is love? In typical Dekker fashion, he asks difficult questions and leaves the reader to draw his own answer.

Are you ever tempted to think you're better than they are? Are you ever tempted to judge?

Judge not lest you also be judged.

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Family Movie Night: Truth Be Told

Annie Morgan (Candace Cameron Bure) is a marriage counselor who has never been married.
Mark Crane (David James Elliott) is an ex-football player who works with kids at a local gym.

Annie and Mark see each other for the first time since college when they unexpectedly meet at a fundraiser at a museum. Mark is looking for funding for his organization and Annie was drug there by a friend. Mark pitches his organization to "Bish," (Ronny Cox) a rich businessman, and Annie ends up giving Bish marriage advice.

Annie and Mark end up talking and then posing for a picture together with Mark's two kids from his recently deceased wife. Bish invites Annie and her "family" to his ranch for a weekend to discuss a radio show gig that Bish offered her. A few lies later and the couple and Mark's kids are at the ranch and in the middle of some deep lies.

Will the truth be told or will they continue to live a lie?

       Join me--and millions of others--this Saturday, April 16th at 8/7c on FOX to watch this beautiful story of how a lie brings together two old college friends.
       Truth Be Told, the fifth installment of "Family Movie Night," an event sponsored by Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble designed to bring families together for a night of entertainment. During this programming, you can be assured that what is played on screen will be completely family appropriate--no diving for the remote to change the channel during inappropriate ads or scenes.
       After watching the "Producer's Cut," I can say that this is definitely a family-friendly movie. The movie was obviously produced on a small budget, and there are some poorly acted scenes, but it's still a good movie to watch with the family and it is worth checking out.

You can enter to win prizes just from watching the trailer! Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page. You can also watch exclusive Meet the Stars videos from Cameron Bure, David James Elliott, and Ronny Cox.

I was allowed the pre-screening of this movie through Team BuzzPlan in exchange for my completely honest review.

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Be a Secret Agent for Love

Today in chapel, David Clark, Provost at Bethel, spoke on being a secret agent for Love. What brought him to tears is the same message that brings many to their knees. We as Christians are called not only to care for our own bodies and our fellow Christians, but also for those elsewhere in the world who do not know Jesus. That doesn't just mean we pray for them and we witness to them, but also that we care for them and their physical needs. There are billions of people without Jesus--we can afford to spend a few hours, days, weeks, or years helping them find Jesus, find hope and find healing.

Be a secret agent for Love--Love those around you and around the world. 

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A note about The Priest's Graveyard

I've mentioned this book before and I'll blog about it again, but I think it's worth the hype. Reviews everywhere are raving about this fast-paced thriller by New York Times bestselling author Ted Dekker due on shelves April 19th. While I have not yet read The Priest's Graveyard, I hear it is Ted's best yet. Dekker's Share the Love event has caused sales of this book to skyrocket, so I expect to see Ted popping up in more and more places.
I am not personally giving away a copy of this book [yet] but if you want to score a copy, check out Josh Old's blog, The Christian Critic. I'm sure he'll be pleased you stopped by, and you have the chance to win one of three copies he is giving away. You can also purchase a copy of the novel from Amazon for a whole lot less than most hardcovers sell for, and even less than I paid (and I bought eight copies.)

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And then she greeted the book as an old friend...

...and went with him gladly, and, equals, they momentarily departed this life. [Edited from The Tale of the Three Brothers by J.K. Rowling]

Today, I greeted an old friend as if we had never went our separate ways eight months ago; I started reading again. I had not read for pleasure since last August and I have been slowly acquiring more and more books that I must read and so today I decided to pick up The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead and just start reading. One hundred and forty nine pages later and I feel fantastic! I'm not sure how I ever let school take over my life so much that I had not made time to read. With that being said, I am making it my goal to read for pleasure every day--no matter how little or much.

After The Skin Map, I desperately need to finish Tosca Lee's Havah, Drew Brees' Coming Back Stronger, and a book recently given to me by a friend,
So Much More by Anna Sofia Botkin and
Elizabeth Botkin.

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