The Holy Broble!

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I stole this from their website without permission, just don't tell them, 'kay?
The Holy Broble is a new take on the Bible written by Bethel alumni Isaac Kamsin and contributed to by Wheaton alumni Kent Woodyard and Conor McCarthy. This new take isn't typical, though, as one can guess from the site's tagline, “The the Bible, but with Bro!”

The inspiration for the Broble came from two articles the creators collaborated on for a conservative satire website. These articles employed a “fratty” tone to tell the stories of Elijah and Jacob. “The response to these articles was largely positive and they were a ton of fun to write. Isaac suggested that we continue with multiple more of those type of articles and create a separate site to run them on,” said Woodyard. Thus, the Broble was brought into existence.

I wrote a Q&A on The Broble for the next issue of The Clarion, which was on standsThursday, March 10. 

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Thank you, John. You guys are great!

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