My First Steampunk Novel(la)

Gravesight is a steampunk novella of the Long Tale City series. As of this time, the other books in the series (Street Urchin, Iron Orphan, and White Recluse) are not yet published. While the reader doesn't know of the background of the story before jumping into Gravesight, he or she is still given plenty of information to understand the story and yet still have a bit of mystery. Although I still don't know what the steampunk genre is, I immensely enjoyed this morsel of a story.

While it is difficult to summarize such a short work, I will do my best. In this novella, a small boy named Linus and a large man named Cage, both of the otherkind, are the main characters. It is written from Cage's point-of-view, as he takes Linus into his care and has an interesting adventure with this special boy.

The author, Jeremy McNabb put countless hours into this series (as do all authors) and this novella serves to whet one's appetite and leave him or her asking for more Long Tale City stories.

At this time, Gravesight, is only available via You can buy it here for just 99 cents, and if you don't have a Kindle, you can download Kindle for PC to read it.

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