The Cause Within You Review

"It doesn't take a person with unusual ability to change the world. 
All it takes is a heart that cares, a mind that's determined, a spirit that's willing, a cause that matters, and a person to help." 
pg. 38
Matthew Barnett, co-founder of the Dream Center in Los Angeles, definitely got it right with this book. The Cause Within You is the most inspirational spiritual growth book I've ever read. At nineteen, he preached his church from 39 people to literally zero. Feeling defeated, God led him to what used to be a park and is now the home to the lowest of the low. After seeing the devastation there in Echo Park, he knew God was calling him to make this his ministry. God said to him “If you reach the people nobody wants, I'll send you the people that everybody wants.”

Fifteen years later, Pastor Matthew is walking around the streets of L.A. toting a sheet of cardboard and a well-worn Bible, celebrating the fifteenth anniversary of the Dream Center. His passion is re-awakened as he slumbers the streets with homeless people and is humbled by panhandling the next morning.

Whether you're young or old, this book is for you. Everyone was created for an amazing cause and discovering that cause will change the world. Through his story and the stories of those around him, Pastor Matthew shows us as readers how to trust God and to listen for His dream for us. “God's dreams for you are always bigger–and better—than your dreams for you.”

What God has done through Pastor Matthew is an amazing thing—just think if we all lived out the causes within us.

You can find out more about the Dream Center and Pastor Matthew at their respective websites. I also just recently discovered that they offer internships and short term mission work there because a youth group from my hometown is doing missions there. If you'd like to order this book, it is cheapest on Amazon.

I am grateful for the opportunity to read and be on the street team for this book by Team BuzzPlant. I was asked to write an unbiased review for this book. 

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