How I Was Raised

Yesterday, my grandma and I were talking about how it must be hard for our former intentional interim pastor’s wife. First, she has to move when he does, which is about every six months to two years. And secondly, many churchgoers aren’t too thrilled about having an intentional interim pastor because they know he will be leaving soon and there is no point in befriending him [or his wife]. As we were talking, I brought up the fact that I always talked to her regardless of me knowing she wouldn’t be around forever. My dad responded to that by saying “Well, that’s because it’s how you were raised.”

I stopped and asked him what he meant. “You were taught to talk to everyone, regardless of who they are.” Now, my dad isn’t necessarily a professing Christian and he doesn’t go to church on a regular basis, nor do we talk about things of faith, but when he said that it made me think. I was raised that way, I just never realized it until now.

Sure, I know that I talk to everyone unless they have specifically wronged me. And, sure, I try not to judge people…but doesn’t everyone do that? No, they don’t.

Everywhere around me, I see people in churches—professing Christians—judging people around them and not talking to people who are “different” or who are “going against” their beliefs. I find it all to be ridiculous…and it’s completely un-Christlike. We should not judge people around us…we should not judge someone who is gay, we should not judge someone who has premarital sex, we should not even judge a murderer. It is God’s job to judge, and our job to love.

I can honestly say that I love everyone. Even the serial killers and the rapists and the high school girl down the street who got pregnant last week. So yeah. That's how I see myself as a pinprick of Light in the Darkness.

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Family Movie Night: Change of Plans

Sally (Brooke White, American Idol) is an up-and-coming singer on the brink of a major tour.

Jason (Joe Flanigan, Stargate Atlantis) is a fighter jet engine designer who has his dream of flying again right in front of him. 

Neither is ready for a change of plans, for something not in the play book. 

Sally's long-time friend and her husband who were in Uganda with the Peace Corps are killed in a plane crash. As if that isn't bad enough, they have four children who are now without parents or immediate family to take care of them. Sally's name is in their will to take responsibility for the kids. Sally and Jason, although not fit to be parents at all, decide that they have to take the kids in until case worker Dorothy of Child & Family Services (Phylicia Rashad, The Cosby Show) can find a home to take all four of them. Unfortunately, that means they must put both their dreams on hold until then--or at least that was the plan. 

Join me--and millions of others--on January 8th at 8/7c on FOX to watch this beautiful story of how a family grows out of an unexpected, tragic accident.

Change of Plans the fourth installment of "Family Movie Night," an event sponsored by Wal-Mart and Proctor & Gamble designed to bring families together for a night of entertainment. During this programming, you can be assured that what is played on screen will be completely family appropriate--no diving for the remote to change the channel during inappropriate ads or scenes. The day after airing, (Jan. 9th) a special 2-disc DVD/CD bonus pack will be available exclusively through Wal-Mart.  

After watching the "Producer's Cut," I can assure you that you don't want to miss this movie. While obviously not anything on the scale of Avatar or Lord of the Rings, it's definitely a family movie worth watching. The movie also features a star-studded cast, including cameo appearances by NASCAR driver Jeff Burton and American Idol judge Randy Jackson, who has produced all of the "Family Movie Night" soundtracks, including the one for Change of Plans.

You can enter to win prizes just from watching the trailer! Also, you can read more news about the whole deal here and here. Also, be sure to check out their Facebook page.

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