LifeDiscipler Bible Technology Review and Giveaway

The LifeDiscipler hand-held electronic device is an interesting piece of technology. The device itself is very easy to use, and is small enough to fit in the palm of ones hand. However, I'm not sold on the idea of it's importance or usefulness.

LifeDiscipler Hand-held ElectronicAs far as I can tell, the purpose of this device is to be either fed random Bible verses at time intervals or to browse the 44 life subjects to find a Bible verse for your situation. While I think the idea is intriguing, the technology is lacking. In today's society, we have iPhones, BlackBerrys, almost unlimited internet access and just normal cell phones that can feed us this information. One might argue that older people without these technologies can use the LifeDiscipler, and my opinion is that if they wanted Bible verses all the time, they would carry around a Bible with them. 
I just feel like the creators of the LifeDiscipler are a few years behind in technology. I didn't really find a use for the device, but I used it for a little over a week so as to write an accurate review.  Because I no longer have a use for this device, I will mail my almost-brand new LifeDiscipler (Retail: $29.99) to one random person who comments here. I will choose the person on December 19th at midnight.

Also, if you'd like to actually buy one of these, and if you really think one would be useful in  your life, you can use the code "GROW20" to get 20% off on this device from LifeDiscipler website. I mean no offense towards the creator of this device, because he seems like he is really genuine about this product, I'm just not sold on it.

This LifeDiscipler device was provided for free from BuzzBlog. I was asked to write an honest review, and a positive review was not required.

Posted by Jane | at 12/14/2010 04:59:00 PM | 0 comments