The Story of Your Life

I've never written a review on an album before, but I really feel like this one deserves it. Matthew West just released a new album a few days ago called The Story of Your Life. He based the entire album on stories he received from fans, which numbered over 10,000.

I just finished listening to the entire album, and at points the songs made me tear up. All the songs are stories of horrible things happening to people, but they show that there is always redemption with Christ! I can see myself in a few of the songs, and it really speaks to me. I think everyone can relate to My Own Little World and The Story of My Life. Look up the songs on YouTube and buy the album, it really is great.

I will be posting short blogs on how a few of the songs speak to me and apply to my own life on my Tumblr blog over the next few days.

Posted by Jane | at 10/13/2010 04:24:00 PM


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