Random Ramblings at 5AM

Its almost 5am on a Sunday night...I have class at 8am. I'm in college and I can't sleep. I've been trolling old TedDekker.com threads and flipping through LICD (I blame Mr. Nikolai for that one). My roommate has been out for hours and I'm just sitting here contemplating things.

I used to stay up this late talking to online friends...what ever happened to that? I hardly even spend an hour talking to them these days and I used to do nothing but talk to them. They've all got lives now, Natter no longer exists, they don't have time, etc. I'm in college and I'm supposed to have a life. I'm supposed to be living a life, but I'm not. I don't want a life, I don't want to grow up. I still miss high school.

I'm posting this whiny rant on my blog, and I'm not sure why...cause people other than friends read this. *shrug* Whatever. I have two quizzes tomorrow. Fall break starts on Friday, thank God. I hope I can stay awake today. Maybe I'll take a caffeine pill right now to stay awake later.

What if I die and never get to say goodbye? I had a dream about that the other night. Made me bawl myself back to sleep.

Posted by Jane | at 9/27/2010 04:55:00 AM


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