Mission Impossible: Sara Goes to College

As I write this, I am surrounded by boring white walls and sticky notes hanging off of every surface of my laptop and desk. The same desk is also covered with papers, books, Bibles, 3-ring binders, pens, sticky note pads, gum wrappers, packs of gum, flash drives, water bottles, antibacterial surface wipes, a Kleenex box, a contact case, a lamp, a pair of scissors, my personal favorite: a can of Diet Dew and various cords. I'll give you two guesses as to where I am, but you'll only need one.

That's right: College. Bethel University, to be precise.

I had a really hard time adjusting to college life the first weekend. I moved in exactly two weeks ago on a Thursday and my dad and grandma left that night. Because of scheduled activities (aka: forced mingling) we didnt get the chance to say goodbye to one another. Friday was full of more forced mingling and Saturday morning held a "Celebration and Commitment Service". Little did I know that this ceremony was dedicated to parents and students saying goodbye to one another. After this assembly where I sat by myself in a crowd of families, I hurried back to my dorm to call my parents and I cried, and cried, and cried....and cried more. It was a horrible experience.

Thankfully, Sunday night held whats called Koinonia, which means fellowship. This service was simply amazing. Our campus pastor started off the year great with a sermon-type-thing and the worship was awesome. It was a great night of true communion. (We actually did have communion, and it was sweet!) My whole floor walked out together and we were silent until we got outside and someone said "This sounds weird...but...I feel like we're more...like we know each other better now." Every other girl in the group said something in agreement, my response was "I thought I was the only one!" We also all agreed that Koinonia felt like a sign from God that we are where we are supposed to be. It was really a great experience.

Since then, my time here at Bethel has been 95% positive. There was a small issue with me needed to drop one class (a week into classes) because I didn't need it and then adding another, but I found out that the new class (Basic Communications) is actually fun and enjoyable. (Even though I dont get to have Intro to Creative Arts where they get to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Guthrie theater, Orchestra Hall, Walker Art, and many other places...)

I've found that I talk to my parents more now that I'm away than I ever did at home. I'm learning to live with someone who I didn't know three weeks ago. I'm learning that having control of the climate control is a serious blessing and dorm walls aren't soundproof. I've found that Grace's singing voice is truly amazing and captivating, but at midnight when I want to sleep, its a curse. I'm loving only having class three days a week, but also learning that I need those other four days for studying. I've learned a lot these last two weeks and, despite the rough start, I wouldn't trade this college, this roommate, or this floor, for the world.
With all that said, I get to the original reason why I insisted to myself that I needed to post a blog. I haven't had any time to read what I want, because I've been so busy reading stuff for class. Currently on my shelf is The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead, Havah by Tosca Lee, Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The Skin Map and Outlive Your Life are both from BookSneeze and both reviews were due already. I just haven't had any time to read at all. I also have an eBook of The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews and the review for it was due a long time ago as well.

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