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My review:
Immanuel’s Veins is a truly redemptive story penned by Ted Dekker. Anyone who is a Dekker fan knows Ted writes about love and redemption, but this story is different. Written partly in first person, this book dives into some of the darkest places to show the reader how strong the light truly is.
Toma is supposed to protect a rich family, but by falling in love with one of the daughters, he changes everything. The devil himself is ready for battle of wits, seduction and blood. As the darkness closes in around Toma, he is grasping for help anywhere he can get it. The source of help comes from an unlikely source. Dive into the blood of Immanuel’s veins and read this story that will change life as you know it forever.

More thoughts:
This next part has suggestive spoilers…but nothing is actually spoiled.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Immanuel’s Veins to be connected to the Books of History Chronicles…but about halfway through I read a paragraph and went “IT IS CONNECTED!” I was in a truck, on vacation, and started jumping up and down in the backseat and babbling on about the amazingness as my dad looked at me like I had seven eyes or something.

I had low expectations for the book because people had said that it wasn’t very good, but I absolutely loved it. I actually felt a sort of closure at the end, and it was nice to see Ted write about something that was connected yet so very different. I recommend this book to anyone, whether they’ve heard of Ted or not…especially if they’re a fan of the BoHC.

Dive deep. Be wooed. 

Posted by Jane | at 8/17/2010 11:56:00 PM

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I haven’t read a lot of Ted Dekker before and I would have to say that Immanuel’s Veins was the best book that I didn’t like.

The writing is really quite superb: descriptive language, active plot, interesting characters all worked together. It was just all the lust, blood, and even more blood that just smothered me.

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sjr2010 said...

Thank you for the comment, Tracy. Many readers don't like the images that Ted uses, they find them to be too gory, too dark, or too *insert word here*. While I understand where you're coming from, I disagree because I think the "lust, blood, and even more blood" was all a necessary part of his imagery in Immanuel's Veins.

After all "There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from Immanuel's Veins..." one cannot have a fountain filled with blood without lots of blood. ;)

Again, thank you for the comment and thanks for reading my review.

Brit said...

I've found a current trend in the younger "old" crowd of the website. It is considered cool to be over the hype that is Ted Dekker. But in their blind distaste they miss when he actually writes a novel worthy of the hype. And Immanuel's Veins was definitely a novel most missed.

sjr2010 said...

I don't think I'll ever be over the hype. :) As you obviously see in me every time Ted releases something new.

Oh, and thanks for the comment. :)

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