Looking forward

The sidebar to the right on this page currently says I am awaiting the arrival of Max Lucado's Fearless. Apparently, BookSneeze forgot I existed because I never received it. I am also still waiting for Tosca Lee's Havah. I realize neither of those things are an excuse for no blog post, but later on this week I will have one (or possibly several) post on a mission trip that I was a part of last week. I have also received Ted Dekker's Immanuel's Veins (An ARC) in the mail and will be reviewing that in the next week.

A few last things I will be blogging about in the near future is my trip to Montana with my dad and his girlfriend as well as my college experience, as I move to Bethel University in St. Paul, MN on August 26th.

Posted by Jane | at 8/08/2010 09:39:00 PM


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