Immanuel's Veins Review

Immanuel’s Veins is a truly redemptive story penned by Ted Dekker. Anyone who is a Dekker fan knows Ted writes about love and redemption, but this story is different. Written partly in first person, this book dives into some of the darkest places to show the reader how strong the light truly is.

Toma is supposed to protect a rich family, but by falling in love with one of the daughters, he changes everything. The devil himself is ready for battle of wits, seduction and blood. As the darkness closes in around Toma, he is grasping for help anywhere he can get it. The source of help comes from an unlikely source. Dive into the blood of Immanuel’s veins and read this story that will change life as you know it forever. 

Posted by Jane | at 8/17/2010 11:50:00 PM


fablefreak said...

I was lucky enough to read the Immanuel's Veins already and I have a review posted if you are interested! Find my review of Immanuel's Veins here:

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