You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be!

In this book, Max Lucado writes about you finding your knack in life and pursuing those things that God has given you the gift to do. You can be everything God wants you to be, and even everything you want to be! As Mr.Lucado states in this book, God is "too gracious to assign you to a life of misery." God already has your skills instilled in you, you just have to read your past and discover what it is you need to do in the future.

I'm fresh out of high school, ready to jump into college in two months, and I wish I had had this book last fall. All my life, I've loved just helping people but I still struggled so much trying to find my college and my major because of money. After reading this book, I'm completely inspired to do what I've always known is the right path. I'm going to a private Christian college that is $40,000 a year and I'm becoming a teacher, who's average yearly salary is $30,000. I've always known that God wants me somewhere helping people, but now I really believe that this is the right path.

Find your sweet spot and use it to make a big deal about God every day of your life!

This book was provided for free from BookSneeze, a branch of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was asked to  honestly review it, and a positive review was not required.

Posted by Jane | at 6/25/2010 05:36:00 PM


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