Ted Dekker's Thr3e

Kevin Parson was raised by his Aunt Belinda in an isolated world. All grown up, he has thrown the past behind him and is now a theology student. When he starts getting phone calls from a mysterious man named Slater, his whole world is turned upside down. With visits from people from his past and old memories cropping up after he writes his thesis, Kevin's life is about to change. And so is yours.

He has three minutes to confess his greatest sin to the world...or else. The only problem is that Kevin doesn't know what sin he is supposed to confess.

Dive into Ted Dekker's first-published thriller, Thr3e; you won't be sorry. Read about Kevin, Sam and Slater and how much they are all very different, and yet alike. You won't guess the ending unless you're Ted Dekker himself.


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