How I Screwed My Blog

I think the best and worst thing I did to my blog is declaring an actual topic. I've now made my blog into a book review site. This is good, because I have someplace to blab about all of the great books that I read...and it fulfills a guideline for BookSneeze so I can get free books.
It's also bad for many reasons. For one, I'm kind of limited on what to write...I don't get new books very often so I can't post a review every day. There isn't much more to put on a book review blog besides, well, book reviews.
I absolutely love the title of my blog: The Pinprick of Light in the Darkness, but I still haven't really found a very good topic to go with it or a subtitle that fits. I realize that I don't have much traffic (there will probably be 3 people who read this post and no one to comment) but I really just want to have an amazing blog, which is why I've spent hours upon hours upon hours upon hours tweaking little things here and there and finding a cool thing to go there or over here. Seriously, I've invested a lot of time into this blog and I haven't gotten much out of it.

So, how I've screwed my blog: declaring this topic. Every blog has to have a topic, but book reviewing doesn't leave many other options for fillers.

Posted by Jane | at 6/27/2010 10:49:00 PM


Manna said...

I love you, Sara. And here's one comment for you. I'm not good at keeping up with blogs, but if I get the chance, I'm sure I'll read it.
You're a good reader, and you -will- reach the crowds you desire.


Just keep writing. Keep writing of Him. :)

Elyon's Strength.

Manna said...

I meant writer. But you're a good reader, too. xD

I'm blonde, please be patient...

Anonymous said...

Your work will pay off, either here or down the road. I challenge you to write a review that makes me want to read the book...see you in August

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