How I Screwed My Blog

I think the best and worst thing I did to my blog is declaring an actual topic. I've now made my blog into a book review site. This is good, because I have someplace to blab about all of the great books that I read...and it fulfills a guideline for BookSneeze so I can get free books.
It's also bad for many reasons. For one, I'm kind of limited on what to write...I don't get new books very often so I can't post a review every day. There isn't much more to put on a book review blog besides, well, book reviews.
I absolutely love the title of my blog: The Pinprick of Light in the Darkness, but I still haven't really found a very good topic to go with it or a subtitle that fits. I realize that I don't have much traffic (there will probably be 3 people who read this post and no one to comment) but I really just want to have an amazing blog, which is why I've spent hours upon hours upon hours upon hours tweaking little things here and there and finding a cool thing to go there or over here. Seriously, I've invested a lot of time into this blog and I haven't gotten much out of it.

So, how I've screwed my blog: declaring this topic. Every blog has to have a topic, but book reviewing doesn't leave many other options for fillers.

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You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be!

In this book, Max Lucado writes about you finding your knack in life and pursuing those things that God has given you the gift to do. You can be everything God wants you to be, and even everything you want to be! As Mr.Lucado states in this book, God is "too gracious to assign you to a life of misery." God already has your skills instilled in you, you just have to read your past and discover what it is you need to do in the future.

I'm fresh out of high school, ready to jump into college in two months, and I wish I had had this book last fall. All my life, I've loved just helping people but I still struggled so much trying to find my college and my major because of money. After reading this book, I'm completely inspired to do what I've always known is the right path. I'm going to a private Christian college that is $40,000 a year and I'm becoming a teacher, who's average yearly salary is $30,000. I've always known that God wants me somewhere helping people, but now I really believe that this is the right path.

Find your sweet spot and use it to make a big deal about God every day of your life!

This book was provided for free from BookSneeze, a branch of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was asked to  honestly review it, and a positive review was not required.

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How Your Life is Like a Desktop

As I'm oh-so-[not]-patiently awaiting the arrival of my next book from BookSneeze, I figured I'd blog about something other than books. This is a sort of repost on something I posted on another blog of mine a few months ago. I've added a few new thoughts.

I was sitting in the middle of a sermon one Sunday, trying to stay awake during what I thought was a boring sermon. The sermon was about integrity and "spiritual garbage." While that sounds like a great thing to preach on, the pastor wasn’t making it very interesting. I did, however, catch one small comment he made that he probably didn’t think meant anything to anyone.
The pastor was talking about how one can throw things away on their computer desktop by dragging it to the recycle bin. What I got out of that statement was probably completely different than anyone else sitting in the pews got.
Life is like the desktop on your computer. Here’s how:

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Comes a review for Comes A Horseman

I'm not going to lie, this book scared me more than any piece of media has ever scared me before. I literally could not read it at night, nor could I read it in a room by myself. Despite those facts, Comes A Horseman by Robert Liparulo was a surprisingly good read.

I had no trouble getting into the book, the first few paragraphs sucked me in...but by the second chapter, gears had changed....and by the third, the gears had gone in even a third direction.  I really had no idea what the book was about until the last few chapters, I had not connected most of the dots until Brady and Alicia did. Between crazed Norseman ax murderers, insane politicians who believe they are more than who they are, and a heart broken Special Agent, this book walked the fine line between my loving it and my hating it. In the end, I love's just way too scary to read again!

I don't think I'll be reading any more of Bob's books because I can't handle the fear that comes with them, but I would still recommend this book to anyone who enjoys scary books, or to anyone who doesn't have to sleep alone at night.

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New Book!

Thanks to my friend Andrew, I now have Robert Liparulo's Comes A Horseman as well as a Robert Liparulo bookmark! (One can never have too many bookmarks) I've been looking forward to reading some of Robert's stuff and now I've got the chance. Stay tuned for a review in the next few days.

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Demon: A Memoir; Initial Thoughts

I did not cry until the end.  I was hanging onto every page, every paragraph, and every word until the very last page before the Epilogue.  I could absolutely not put the book down. I was fidgeting and trying to read faster and yet still consume every word until the end. As I read the Epilogue, I yelled at the book. I yelled at Tosca. I absolutely hated the ending until I sat back and realized that I actually did read the end of the story. Just as Clay thought until the very end that he didn’t have the ending to the story, I thought the same.

In the end, there is an end to the story. And in the end, just as the story is all about Clay, the story is also all about me and all about you. I dare you to read this book and not be captured by it. I dare you to read this book and not have your life changed by it.

And now, excuse me as I patch together all of the things I’ve just learned about myself and Elohim. 

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Ted Dekker's Thr3e

Kevin Parson was raised by his Aunt Belinda in an isolated world. All grown up, he has thrown the past behind him and is now a theology student. When he starts getting phone calls from a mysterious man named Slater, his whole world is turned upside down. With visits from people from his past and old memories cropping up after he writes his thesis, Kevin's life is about to change. And so is yours.

He has three minutes to confess his greatest sin to the world...or else. The only problem is that Kevin doesn't know what sin he is supposed to confess.

Dive into Ted Dekker's first-published thriller, Thr3e; you won't be sorry. Read about Kevin, Sam and Slater and how much they are all very different, and yet alike. You won't guess the ending unless you're Ted Dekker himself.


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Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee!

I finally have the book!!! I'm going to start reading it right away. Expect a review shortly.

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Potential Future Blogs

Now that I'm starting to review some of the books I've read, I'm considering going back and reviewing books I've read in the past. I don't think the Harry Potter series needs to be reviewed, everyone knows about them. But I think all the Dekker books I've obsessed over deserve a spot in my blog. Maybe I'll even re-read them all before I post.

Look for these Dekker reviews in the future:

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