Maximum Ride: Finally

I was going to wait to post a review until I read FANG, which was the latest Maximum Ride book, but I still haven't gotten the money to go and buy it.  I'm just going to have one review for the ones I've read together because I can't remember what happened in which book.

The Maximum Ride books will take you on a ride for your life. An experiment goes wrong and six birdkids are created. They escape the science lab they were born in and then they're fighting for their lives. The main character, Maximum Ride, is destined to save the world...but can she do it and still keep her family alive? With science experiments everywhere and a science company who wants to take over the world, who knows who to trust. Trusting is made even harder when Max thinks she's in love and a voice in her head is telling her what to do.

Jump on and take a ride with James Patterson's Maximum Ride series, you won't regret it.

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