LifeDiscipler Bible Technology Review and Giveaway

The LifeDiscipler hand-held electronic device is an interesting piece of technology. The device itself is very easy to use, and is small enough to fit in the palm of ones hand. However, I'm not sold on the idea of it's importance or usefulness.

LifeDiscipler Hand-held ElectronicAs far as I can tell, the purpose of this device is to be either fed random Bible verses at time intervals or to browse the 44 life subjects to find a Bible verse for your situation. While I think the idea is intriguing, the technology is lacking. In today's society, we have iPhones, BlackBerrys, almost unlimited internet access and just normal cell phones that can feed us this information. One might argue that older people without these technologies can use the LifeDiscipler, and my opinion is that if they wanted Bible verses all the time, they would carry around a Bible with them. 
I just feel like the creators of the LifeDiscipler are a few years behind in technology. I didn't really find a use for the device, but I used it for a little over a week so as to write an accurate review.  Because I no longer have a use for this device, I will mail my almost-brand new LifeDiscipler (Retail: $29.99) to one random person who comments here. I will choose the person on December 19th at midnight.

Also, if you'd like to actually buy one of these, and if you really think one would be useful in  your life, you can use the code "GROW20" to get 20% off on this device from LifeDiscipler website. I mean no offense towards the creator of this device, because he seems like he is really genuine about this product, I'm just not sold on it.

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Homeless for the Holidays DVD Review

Homeless for the Holidays is a movie about sharing God's generosity with others. When Jack Baker loses everything he worked fifteen years for, he has to learn how to stumble along without his comfy lifestyle. With Christmas quickly approaching, Jack has to figure something out for his family--and fast.

Honestly, the acting in this movie wasn't the greatest and it's quite obviously a low budget film, but the storyline is great. It teaches Americans the lesson of giving what you've got before you don't have anything left to give. Sadly, those with little to give always seem to be the most generous and life shouldn't be that way. Could you be giving more this Christmas?

Learn more about Homeless for the Holidays at

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Thr3e Trailer

Ted Dekker just released Thr3e as a mass market paperback. The video below is the trailer for this book. You can find my review of the book here. Enjoy.

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The Seven Minute Difference

This past week, I read The Seven Minute Difference: Small Steps to Big Changes by Allyson Lewis. This book was a great read! I opened the book expecting it to be a chore to read, but ended up reading half of the book the first night. With this book, I have a plan started of how to change my life with what Allyson calls “micro-actions.” With each micro-action, Allyson shows readers how to change their lives with things that only take a few minutes per day.

Also with this book, I received The 7 Minute Life daily planner. This honestly changed the way I think about each day. The planner gives me a place to write my goals as well as my plans. The front of the book contains sections to write micro-actions that are addressed in the book such as prioritizing, discovering your purpose, personal goals, etc.
The book is aimed at business people and people who have been adults for a while, but I still recommend this book to anyone who feels like they need to get control of their life. I’m a serious procrastinator, but I can—and have—change my life with just a few minutes a day thanks to this book.

For more information on The 7 Minute Life System click here. For videos click here.

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Outlive Your Hyphen

Every gravestone has a hyphen. There’s the year a person was born, a hyphen and then the year they died. That hyphen represents that person’s entire life. What will your hyphen say?

In his typical fashion, Max Lucado uses anecdotes, theology, and application to show us how we can outlive our lives. Mr. Lucado calls us to look beyond the mundane everyday life things and focus on the amazing things we can do with Jesus in our lives. Max asks us to break out of our comfort zones and be followers of Christ. He finishes the book with a powerful image. People who are in need are Jesus. When we love a person in need, we are ultimately loving Jesus.

Max Lucado has touched the lives of many once again with Outlive Your Life. It has inspired me to live my hyphen to the fullest, and it’s definitely a must-read for anyone who feels the need to do the same. The best part is Lucado is contributing 100% of all his author royalties to World Vision.

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Your Life Matters--The Butterfly Effect Review

Every single thing you do matters.

It’s easy to slip into the thoughts that you don’t matter and that unless you’re some big-shot, no one cares. You do matter, and everything you do matters. If even a single butterfly can flap it’s wings on one side of the world and cause things to happen on the other side of the world, then you can change the world by giving directions to a stranger on the street.
I loved Andy Andrew’s book The Butterfly Effect; our lives matter, and we should act as if they do. The entire book can basically be summed up by the last page:
Every single thing you do matters. You have been created as one of a kind. You have been created in order to make a difference. You have within you the power to change the world.

Yes. It’s all true. 

This book was provided for free from BookSneeze, a branch of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was asked to  honestly review it, and a positive review was not required.

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The Story of Your Life

I've never written a review on an album before, but I really feel like this one deserves it. Matthew West just released a new album a few days ago called The Story of Your Life. He based the entire album on stories he received from fans, which numbered over 10,000.

I just finished listening to the entire album, and at points the songs made me tear up. All the songs are stories of horrible things happening to people, but they show that there is always redemption with Christ! I can see myself in a few of the songs, and it really speaks to me. I think everyone can relate to My Own Little World and The Story of My Life. Look up the songs on YouTube and buy the album, it really is great.

I will be posting short blogs on how a few of the songs speak to me and apply to my own life on my Tumblr blog over the next few days.

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Friendship Factor Review

It has been some time since I have written a review for lack of time to read for pleasure anymore.  However, in my Basic Communication class we were required to read The Friendship Factor by Alan Loy McGinnis. I’ll admit I started the book reluctantly even though my instructor reassured us that it would be a “keeper”. Now that I’ve finished it, I’m glad I did.

No matter what one has been through, chances are he or she has been through hardships in some sort of relationship, and I am no exception to that rule. The Friendship Factor touches on points that many people, myself included, never really sit down to think about in a relationship. There were quite a few great things that McGinnis mentioned throughout the book, but a few have stuck with me in the last couple weeks that it’s been assigned to read.

First, McGinnis has Five Guidelines for Cultivating Intimacy in the second part of his book. I’ll list each of the chapter titles and give a summary of what I learned from each.
1.       Please Touch- Use your body to demonstrate warmth—touch is for everyone (including me).
2.       The Art of Affirmation- Be liberal with praise—instilling self-confidence in others can boost your own.
3.       A Coffee-Cup Concept of Marriage- Schedule leisurely breaks for conversation—fifteen minutes of sit-down-stop-everything-else time is enough to keep a marriage—or friendship—going.
4.       How to Improve Your Conversational Skills-Learn to listen—listening is the single most important thing in any relationship; hearing and listening aren’t the same.
5.       When Tears Are a Gift from God-Talk freely about your feelings—while you don’t have to disclose everything with everyone, you should be able to talk about your feelings with at least one or two close friends.

Secondly, the only thing I actually wrote down from this book is from the chapter entitled Six Techniques to Help You Get Angry without Becoming Destructive. I put each in my own words:
1.       Talk about feelings, not faults.
2.       Stick to one topic, don’t bring up the past
3.       Allow time for response
4.       Vent and resolve, don’t come and conquer
5.       Don’t drink and argue
6.       Criticize, then show affection

That’s what I mainly took away from the book; and Dr. Smith was right when he said it’s a keeper. I recommend this book to anyone, regardless of if you think your relationships are going well or not. I will end this with two quotes from the book that really stood out.

‎"A true apology is more than just acknowledgement of a mistake. It is recognition that something you have said or done has damaged a relationship -- and that you -care- enough about the relationship to want it repaired and restored."  
--Norman Vincent Peale

"Someday, after we have mastered the winds and the waves, the tides, and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love, and then for the second time in the history of the world...[we] will have discovered fire." 
--Teilhard de Chardin 

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Random Ramblings at 5AM

Its almost 5am on a Sunday night...I have class at 8am. I'm in college and I can't sleep. I've been trolling old threads and flipping through LICD (I blame Mr. Nikolai for that one). My roommate has been out for hours and I'm just sitting here contemplating things.

I used to stay up this late talking to online friends...what ever happened to that? I hardly even spend an hour talking to them these days and I used to do nothing but talk to them. They've all got lives now, Natter no longer exists, they don't have time, etc. I'm in college and I'm supposed to have a life. I'm supposed to be living a life, but I'm not. I don't want a life, I don't want to grow up. I still miss high school.

I'm posting this whiny rant on my blog, and I'm not sure why...cause people other than friends read this. *shrug* Whatever. I have two quizzes tomorrow. Fall break starts on Friday, thank God. I hope I can stay awake today. Maybe I'll take a caffeine pill right now to stay awake later.

What if I die and never get to say goodbye? I had a dream about that the other night. Made me bawl myself back to sleep.

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Mission Impossible: Sara Goes to College

As I write this, I am surrounded by boring white walls and sticky notes hanging off of every surface of my laptop and desk. The same desk is also covered with papers, books, Bibles, 3-ring binders, pens, sticky note pads, gum wrappers, packs of gum, flash drives, water bottles, antibacterial surface wipes, a Kleenex box, a contact case, a lamp, a pair of scissors, my personal favorite: a can of Diet Dew and various cords. I'll give you two guesses as to where I am, but you'll only need one.

That's right: College. Bethel University, to be precise.

I had a really hard time adjusting to college life the first weekend. I moved in exactly two weeks ago on a Thursday and my dad and grandma left that night. Because of scheduled activities (aka: forced mingling) we didnt get the chance to say goodbye to one another. Friday was full of more forced mingling and Saturday morning held a "Celebration and Commitment Service". Little did I know that this ceremony was dedicated to parents and students saying goodbye to one another. After this assembly where I sat by myself in a crowd of families, I hurried back to my dorm to call my parents and I cried, and cried, and cried....and cried more. It was a horrible experience.

Thankfully, Sunday night held whats called Koinonia, which means fellowship. This service was simply amazing. Our campus pastor started off the year great with a sermon-type-thing and the worship was awesome. It was a great night of true communion. (We actually did have communion, and it was sweet!) My whole floor walked out together and we were silent until we got outside and someone said "This sounds weird...but...I feel like we're we know each other better now." Every other girl in the group said something in agreement, my response was "I thought I was the only one!" We also all agreed that Koinonia felt like a sign from God that we are where we are supposed to be. It was really a great experience.

Since then, my time here at Bethel has been 95% positive. There was a small issue with me needed to drop one class (a week into classes) because I didn't need it and then adding another, but I found out that the new class (Basic Communications) is actually fun and enjoyable. (Even though I dont get to have Intro to Creative Arts where they get to go to the Minneapolis Institute of Art, Guthrie theater, Orchestra Hall, Walker Art, and many other places...)

I've found that I talk to my parents more now that I'm away than I ever did at home. I'm learning to live with someone who I didn't know three weeks ago. I'm learning that having control of the climate control is a serious blessing and dorm walls aren't soundproof. I've found that Grace's singing voice is truly amazing and captivating, but at midnight when I want to sleep, its a curse. I'm loving only having class three days a week, but also learning that I need those other four days for studying. I've learned a lot these last two weeks and, despite the rough start, I wouldn't trade this college, this roommate, or this floor, for the world.
With all that said, I get to the original reason why I insisted to myself that I needed to post a blog. I haven't had any time to read what I want, because I've been so busy reading stuff for class. Currently on my shelf is The Skin Map by Stephen Lawhead, Havah by Tosca Lee, Outlive Your Life by Max Lucado, and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. The Skin Map and Outlive Your Life are both from BookSneeze and both reviews were due already. I just haven't had any time to read at all. I also have an eBook of The Butterfly Effect by Andy Andrews and the review for it was due a long time ago as well.

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More on Immanuel's Veins

My review:
Immanuel’s Veins is a truly redemptive story penned by Ted Dekker. Anyone who is a Dekker fan knows Ted writes about love and redemption, but this story is different. Written partly in first person, this book dives into some of the darkest places to show the reader how strong the light truly is.
Toma is supposed to protect a rich family, but by falling in love with one of the daughters, he changes everything. The devil himself is ready for battle of wits, seduction and blood. As the darkness closes in around Toma, he is grasping for help anywhere he can get it. The source of help comes from an unlikely source. Dive into the blood of Immanuel’s veins and read this story that will change life as you know it forever.

More thoughts:
This next part has suggestive spoilers…but nothing is actually spoiled.

Honestly, I wasn’t expecting Immanuel’s Veins to be connected to the Books of History Chronicles…but about halfway through I read a paragraph and went “IT IS CONNECTED!” I was in a truck, on vacation, and started jumping up and down in the backseat and babbling on about the amazingness as my dad looked at me like I had seven eyes or something.

I had low expectations for the book because people had said that it wasn’t very good, but I absolutely loved it. I actually felt a sort of closure at the end, and it was nice to see Ted write about something that was connected yet so very different. I recommend this book to anyone, whether they’ve heard of Ted or not…especially if they’re a fan of the BoHC.

Dive deep. Be wooed. 

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Immanuel's Veins Review

Immanuel’s Veins is a truly redemptive story penned by Ted Dekker. Anyone who is a Dekker fan knows Ted writes about love and redemption, but this story is different. Written partly in first person, this book dives into some of the darkest places to show the reader how strong the light truly is.

Toma is supposed to protect a rich family, but by falling in love with one of the daughters, he changes everything. The devil himself is ready for battle of wits, seduction and blood. As the darkness closes in around Toma, he is grasping for help anywhere he can get it. The source of help comes from an unlikely source. Dive into the blood of Immanuel’s veins and read this story that will change life as you know it forever. 

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Saving Lives

I haven't done a movie review before, but this isn't exactly a review. This is more rambling than review, but stick with me anyways. I just watched To Save a Life and it was a great movie. I don't usually like "Christian" movies because they're typically low quality, but I loved the message behind this one. To me, it has two messages.

     1. We need to care about those around us, no matter who they are.

    • This really has me thinking of all the things that a group of students can do in a school. There was a girl in my school who was caught cutting and it changed my outlook on things. I thought it was just me, or just my grade. I thought it was just a few people doing it. I found out really fast that a lot of people in my school are cutters. I instantly wanted to do something to help, but felt like there was nothing. I was told that there was nothing I could do. I had been through that, I knew what it was like to think everyone hated me and to think I was all alone. I thought I could help someone, but I sat back and did nothing because I thought I couldn't do anything. What would you do? 
    • I'll tell you what I wanted to do. I wanted to go to my principal and school counselor the very next day and beg them to let me talk to some of the students about what was going on. I wanted to plead with them to help me start a revolution in my school. I didnt because I was too afraid. I didn't because I was a senior and "had better things to worry about." Don't be like me, stand up and do something.
     2. God isn't a magic genie who saves us from all the bad stuff.

    • Many people --both Christian and non-- think that God is a loving God and will therefore "save" us from everything that happens. Pastors, youth (including me), parents, elders of the church...everyone thinks this way at some point. God does love us, but that doesn't mean we won't go through trials before we get to Him. Look at Job and all that he had to go through. 
    • This really gets me thinking on all the times when I try to tell God whats up and what He should be doing. He knows exactly what He's doing and who are we to tell Him how to do His job? Honestly, I loved the part of the movie where Jake just starts crying out to God for help. That's what we should be doing. "God, I can't do this on my own. Please help."

If you haven't seen this movie yet, you need to. It will seriously change your life. And if your life is changed, then you can help change other lives...or save them.

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Looking forward

The sidebar to the right on this page currently says I am awaiting the arrival of Max Lucado's Fearless. Apparently, BookSneeze forgot I existed because I never received it. I am also still waiting for Tosca Lee's Havah. I realize neither of those things are an excuse for no blog post, but later on this week I will have one (or possibly several) post on a mission trip that I was a part of last week. I have also received Ted Dekker's Immanuel's Veins (An ARC) in the mail and will be reviewing that in the next week.

A few last things I will be blogging about in the near future is my trip to Montana with my dad and his girlfriend as well as my college experience, as I move to Bethel University in St. Paul, MN on August 26th.

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Inspiring thoughts on Same Kind of Different As Me

This book really touched me and brought me to tears. It is to amazing to me that there was (and probably still is) this form of modern-day slavery and so few people even know that such a thing exists. While I don’t know anyone who lives in a mansion, we definitely have it so much better than other people out there.

What really moved me in this book was Deborah’s heart. I have always strived to love everyone unconditionally it, but I really don’t even come close. The time she spent and the devotion she had to the homeless people is definitely something every person should strive for. She was truly a pinprick of light in the darkness.

Everything Deborah did reminds me of something a few of my online friends and I had talked about. A friend’s dream to have a home and schooling and everything for those less fortunate sparked a serious conversation between a few of us. The dream is something like this: To have a place for kids to call home, with schooling and transportation and to even have centers in all the major cities and have transportation between them. There are many other things that were added and discussed, but the price tag is hefty. These “plans” were all ideas that came from teenagers and early twenty-somethings. If only wealthy adults shared the same dreams, the world would be completely changed.

On another note, this book made me think of the Interfaith Hospitality Network that my church is able to be a part of.  Homeless families spend days at the center and then they are transported to local churches who serve them dinner and have activities and then they sleep at the church. In the morning, they are transported back to the center. My church has been a part of this for two years now and we’ve been able to host families three times.  I know that our church has benefited from being able to serve, and minister to, these families.

Selfless things should be done by all followers of Christ not just once or twice a year, but all the time!  I cannot help but wonder how different our nation would be if every Christian shared the same dream as my friends and I. 

Artwork taken from Denver Moore's website.

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Same Kind Of Different As Me--Review

In Same Kind Of Different As Me, Ron Hall and Denver Moore pen the story of how their paths crossed and merged together all because of one woman who loved unconditionally. Debbie Hall, Ron's wife, is that woman.

Denver started out as a modern-day slave in Louisiana who had nothin, wanted nothin, and expected nothin. One day, he hopped on a train to escape the cotton fields and eventually ended up in Fort Worth, Texas where his life would be forever changed.
Ron started out poor but became wealthy after becoming an art dealer. After a couple of kids and some marriage problems, he and Debbie became closer than ever to each other and to God. Debbie heard God speaking to her heart and what He laid on her heart was the words of Solomon "There was found in the city a certain poor man who was wise and by his wisdom he saved the city." 
This book is about how Debbie found that poor man, how Ron befriended that poor man, and how that poor man's wisdom changed the lives of the people around him because his life was changed by Debbie.
Start this book and I warn you that you'll be reduced to tears at times and at others break out into a giggle. 
Most of all, this memoir will teach you to love unconditionally and to wake up in the morning with a grin and say "I woke up!"

This book was provided for free from BookSneeze, a branch of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was asked to  honestly review it, and a positive review was not required.

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How I Screwed My Blog

I think the best and worst thing I did to my blog is declaring an actual topic. I've now made my blog into a book review site. This is good, because I have someplace to blab about all of the great books that I read...and it fulfills a guideline for BookSneeze so I can get free books.
It's also bad for many reasons. For one, I'm kind of limited on what to write...I don't get new books very often so I can't post a review every day. There isn't much more to put on a book review blog besides, well, book reviews.
I absolutely love the title of my blog: The Pinprick of Light in the Darkness, but I still haven't really found a very good topic to go with it or a subtitle that fits. I realize that I don't have much traffic (there will probably be 3 people who read this post and no one to comment) but I really just want to have an amazing blog, which is why I've spent hours upon hours upon hours upon hours tweaking little things here and there and finding a cool thing to go there or over here. Seriously, I've invested a lot of time into this blog and I haven't gotten much out of it.

So, how I've screwed my blog: declaring this topic. Every blog has to have a topic, but book reviewing doesn't leave many other options for fillers.

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You Can Be Everything God Wants You To Be!

In this book, Max Lucado writes about you finding your knack in life and pursuing those things that God has given you the gift to do. You can be everything God wants you to be, and even everything you want to be! As Mr.Lucado states in this book, God is "too gracious to assign you to a life of misery." God already has your skills instilled in you, you just have to read your past and discover what it is you need to do in the future.

I'm fresh out of high school, ready to jump into college in two months, and I wish I had had this book last fall. All my life, I've loved just helping people but I still struggled so much trying to find my college and my major because of money. After reading this book, I'm completely inspired to do what I've always known is the right path. I'm going to a private Christian college that is $40,000 a year and I'm becoming a teacher, who's average yearly salary is $30,000. I've always known that God wants me somewhere helping people, but now I really believe that this is the right path.

Find your sweet spot and use it to make a big deal about God every day of your life!

This book was provided for free from BookSneeze, a branch of Thomas Nelson Publishers. I was asked to  honestly review it, and a positive review was not required.

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How Your Life is Like a Desktop

As I'm oh-so-[not]-patiently awaiting the arrival of my next book from BookSneeze, I figured I'd blog about something other than books. This is a sort of repost on something I posted on another blog of mine a few months ago. I've added a few new thoughts.

I was sitting in the middle of a sermon one Sunday, trying to stay awake during what I thought was a boring sermon. The sermon was about integrity and "spiritual garbage." While that sounds like a great thing to preach on, the pastor wasn’t making it very interesting. I did, however, catch one small comment he made that he probably didn’t think meant anything to anyone.
The pastor was talking about how one can throw things away on their computer desktop by dragging it to the recycle bin. What I got out of that statement was probably completely different than anyone else sitting in the pews got.
Life is like the desktop on your computer. Here’s how:

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Comes a review for Comes A Horseman

I'm not going to lie, this book scared me more than any piece of media has ever scared me before. I literally could not read it at night, nor could I read it in a room by myself. Despite those facts, Comes A Horseman by Robert Liparulo was a surprisingly good read.

I had no trouble getting into the book, the first few paragraphs sucked me in...but by the second chapter, gears had changed....and by the third, the gears had gone in even a third direction.  I really had no idea what the book was about until the last few chapters, I had not connected most of the dots until Brady and Alicia did. Between crazed Norseman ax murderers, insane politicians who believe they are more than who they are, and a heart broken Special Agent, this book walked the fine line between my loving it and my hating it. In the end, I love's just way too scary to read again!

I don't think I'll be reading any more of Bob's books because I can't handle the fear that comes with them, but I would still recommend this book to anyone who enjoys scary books, or to anyone who doesn't have to sleep alone at night.

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New Book!

Thanks to my friend Andrew, I now have Robert Liparulo's Comes A Horseman as well as a Robert Liparulo bookmark! (One can never have too many bookmarks) I've been looking forward to reading some of Robert's stuff and now I've got the chance. Stay tuned for a review in the next few days.

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Demon: A Memoir; Initial Thoughts

I did not cry until the end.  I was hanging onto every page, every paragraph, and every word until the very last page before the Epilogue.  I could absolutely not put the book down. I was fidgeting and trying to read faster and yet still consume every word until the end. As I read the Epilogue, I yelled at the book. I yelled at Tosca. I absolutely hated the ending until I sat back and realized that I actually did read the end of the story. Just as Clay thought until the very end that he didn’t have the ending to the story, I thought the same.

In the end, there is an end to the story. And in the end, just as the story is all about Clay, the story is also all about me and all about you. I dare you to read this book and not be captured by it. I dare you to read this book and not have your life changed by it.

And now, excuse me as I patch together all of the things I’ve just learned about myself and Elohim. 

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Ted Dekker's Thr3e

Kevin Parson was raised by his Aunt Belinda in an isolated world. All grown up, he has thrown the past behind him and is now a theology student. When he starts getting phone calls from a mysterious man named Slater, his whole world is turned upside down. With visits from people from his past and old memories cropping up after he writes his thesis, Kevin's life is about to change. And so is yours.

He has three minutes to confess his greatest sin to the world...or else. The only problem is that Kevin doesn't know what sin he is supposed to confess.

Dive into Ted Dekker's first-published thriller, Thr3e; you won't be sorry. Read about Kevin, Sam and Slater and how much they are all very different, and yet alike. You won't guess the ending unless you're Ted Dekker himself.


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Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee!

I finally have the book!!! I'm going to start reading it right away. Expect a review shortly.

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Potential Future Blogs

Now that I'm starting to review some of the books I've read, I'm considering going back and reviewing books I've read in the past. I don't think the Harry Potter series needs to be reviewed, everyone knows about them. But I think all the Dekker books I've obsessed over deserve a spot in my blog. Maybe I'll even re-read them all before I post.

Look for these Dekker reviews in the future:

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Maximum Ride: Finally

I was going to wait to post a review until I read FANG, which was the latest Maximum Ride book, but I still haven't gotten the money to go and buy it.  I'm just going to have one review for the ones I've read together because I can't remember what happened in which book.

The Maximum Ride books will take you on a ride for your life. An experiment goes wrong and six birdkids are created. They escape the science lab they were born in and then they're fighting for their lives. The main character, Maximum Ride, is destined to save the world...but can she do it and still keep her family alive? With science experiments everywhere and a science company who wants to take over the world, who knows who to trust. Trusting is made even harder when Max thinks she's in love and a voice in her head is telling her what to do.

Jump on and take a ride with James Patterson's Maximum Ride series, you won't regret it.

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The Shack Review

What would you do if God sent you a letter and wanted you to go meet Him? Would you go, or would you think it was all a prank? Find out what Mack does when he receives a letter asking him to hang out with God at The Shack.

This book was recommended to be about seven times before I finally had the time to grab it at the library and read it. The opening letter made me really excited to read the book, but then the first chapter had me confused. After I got into it, I was loving the book but still wondering where all the "life changing" stuff was. Well, by the time I was done with the book, I had found the life-changing, tear-jerking parts.

William P. Young really did a great thing with writing this book. I felt like I was right there with Mack, meeting Papa and hanging out with Jesus. This book opened my eyes to the way I think about things, and my faith truly took a change for the better after reading it. I have, and would still, recommend this book to anyone and everyone...especially those struggling in their walk with God.

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The Bride Collector Review

Consider for a moment that you are God’s favorite. We all read and know that God loves everyone unconditionally and his love for all is inexhaustible, but imagine for ten seconds that you alone are God’s most favorite.  Now, because you’re His favorite, a lunatic serial killer is going to drain your blood.  That’s what Ted Dekker’s upcoming novel, The Bride Collector, is all about: being God’s favorite.

Through Special Agent Brad Raines, Paradise, a patient of a mental facility who sees ghosts, Roush and forests of the future; and a serial killer, Ted Dekker peels back more layers of the world as we know it.  Dekker’s second novel with Hachette is yet another success. The Bride Collector will send your mind in circles and drive you to insanity…or perhaps to sanity. 
Be sure to pick up your copy of The Bride Collector by Ted Dekker coming in April 2010. 

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Maximum Ride: An Update

Whoo!! So I'm halfway through Maximum Ride: Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, which is book number three of the series by James Patterson. I'm absolutely loving it! What a trip!!

I've gotta get back to the book, so I'll have to do reviews later. I absolutely cannot put it down!

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Maximum Ride: An Experiment

My English teacher, Mr. Vieths, suggested that I read this series of books by James Patterson after I wrote a short story that was supposedly similar to them. I was in the middle of a Dekker book at the time, so I told him it'd have to wait. Well, eventually I got around to it and I'm part way through The Angel Experiment right now. I'm loving it!

I usually don't read young adult novels, but it's nice to have some "easy" reading. I don't have to think too hard. Stay tuned for reviews on the books.

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