Coming Full Circle

Rush to any Christian bookstore on September 1st to get your copy of GREEN! A million readers are about to come full circle! Dive deep, breath in.

Become part of the Circle at
Become part of the Forest Guard at
Become a recruit at and enter the code 4445

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If you watch this video and you think it's cool then you need to go to and put in the code: 4445. Its all about Ted Dekker's novel GREEN and its going to be totally epic!! It comes out in September so be sure to go out and get it!

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Forest Guard Special Mission

Okay, so I know that not everyone loves Ted Dekker as much as I do....but I'm still going to post this for the entire world to see because for one, I love Ted Dekker, and for two, I need the points. This is part of a new special mission for the Forest Guard.

Go to and put in my code, 4445, and I get points for it. And start reading Dekker if you haven't already. He is really my favorite author and the good vs. evil theme that he has is really amazing.

If you click on the link below you can get a ton of great offers on Green and anything else related to Ted Dekker. So click know you want to, baby!

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