LOLCats Translation of Philippians

I sorta feel like I'm sinning by putting this up here...but its so funny and I just have to do it. This is Philippians Chapter 1 in LOLCats.

It actually makes sense...which is the funny (yet sad) part.

THX nd Teh Prayr

3 Ebry time I thinks of yu, I sai "THX Ceiling Cat!"4 Yu maeks me happy,5 cuz yu has been mai friends 4 a long tiem.6 I kno teh Ceiling Cat, he wurks wit yu all teh tiem.

7 Yu nd me, we r BFFL wit teh Ceiling Cat.8 Ceiling Cat knos how much I luvs yu all!

9 I can has prayr that yu will has teh brainz AND teh luv.10 That wai, yu will knos wat is imprtant nd yu will be gud.11 I wants yu 2 always be gud, so yu can has teh cheezburgers nd teh cookies nd moar!

Peepul Is Learnin Abt teh Jebus!

12 I wants yu 2 kno all bout wat is happining!13 Evry1 here knos I am in chains 4 teh Ceiling Cat.14 Cuz of meh, they r not fraid to talk bout Jebus.

15 Is true dat some of teh kittehs just want teh cheezburgers. Not care abt Ceiling Cat. But not all.16 Lots of teh kittehs luvs me.17 But teh bad kittehs, they sai things jus to maek me sad.18 O Well! Teh stuf abt teh Jebus is bein said eether wai, so it not matter 2 much.19 I kno yu r preyin, nd Jebus will saf me.

Laif 4 Jebus: Is Imprtant

20 I is not embarasd bout Jebus. Even if I dies it still be ok.21 Mai laif is 4 Jebus, so bein dead is ok cuz I will be with teh Jebus!22 But if I is alaif, I can do moar wurk for teh Jebus.23 I wants to be wit teh Ceiling Cat,24 but since yu guyz r here I guess I wil stay 4 nao.

25 Teh reason I will stay alaif is so I can givez yu teh smartz and teh LOLz.26 Wen I visit yu will be happy cuz I is doin Jebus wurk.

Laif Liek Yu is in Ceiling

27 Liv liek Jebus did so wen I c yu I kno yu is fallow him.28 Not be fraid, teh bad kittehs will be pwnd, but teh Ceiling Cat will saf ur laifs.29 Is okay sometiems laif is hard.30 We wurk togehter, things be better soon, k?

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